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Bitcoin Is The Second Greatest Scam In The History Of Mankind – CHAPTER[1]

90% people investing in Bitcoin either don't understand the difference between 'Money vs. Currency' or they are driven by '...

90% people investing in Bitcoin either don't understand the difference between 'Money vs. Currency' or they are driven by 'Greed'.

Our research on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, is based solely on rationality and objectivity. It won't only help the internet community to decide whether or not to trust cryptocurrencies but it will also educate everyone about the second biggest scam in the history of mankind after paper currencies.

Both scams are engineered ideas of one common global organization that we will expose later in this chapter. 

Note: You can give any powerful meaning to the word Elite used in this research. To avoid censorship or banning of this valuable research by the very elite forces, we are using a more careful term intentionally.

Some specific details which can not be shared in this online edition of my research book have been included inside the contents for the physical copy.

The physical copy of the book will be published on BitcoinIsScam.com

The PDF version of that book will be shared once I receive enough constructive feedback, to get an idea whether you are ready enough to hear more about this darkest side of the world that is forbidden to be discussed in academia or mainstream media.

If you read both Chapter#1 (40% research) and Chapter#2 (60% research) thoroughly with patience and open mind, then you will discover several hidden secrets of how mankind fells a prey to the same trickery and deception time and time again. This combo if read chapter-by-chapter will help you understand almost everything behind this Bitcoin saga.

You will also find far secure options of investment than these bogus cryptocurrencies and a lot more knowledge regarding cryptology and origins of money dating back to Hitler’s Nazi Germany (WWII, 1939 to 1945), World War I (1914 to 1918), and 9000 BC, but if you are a bitcoin user and you intentionally skip reading it in detail, then greed and ignorance leads one to nothing but self-destruction.

Bitcoin is the second greatest scam in history of mankind

You can access all parts or sub-chapters of this in-depth research via this uniquely designed Contents Blockchain that I designed exclusively for better accessibility. It could also be the first “Blockchain of Contents (BoC)” UI created using pure CSS/HTML contrary to “Table of Contents (ToC)” that we often use to give a quick look at the main contents.

For those of you who may find the above Blockchain of Contents a bit confusing, I have shared below the simple list of all sub-chapters for Chapter#1 :


  • Chapter#1: Bitcoin Is The Second Greatest Scam In The History of Mankind
  • Chapter#1.1: It all Started With 'Gold Is Worthless!'
  • Chapter#1.2: From Barter To Bits – History Of Money
  • Chapter#1.3: Why Banking Elite Hates Gold?
  • Chapter#1.4: Major Differences between Gold Vs. Bitcoin Vs. Paper
  • Chapter#1.5: Who Actually Created Bitcoin and Who Did not?
  • Chapter#1.6: Meet The Silent Genius Who Created Bitcoin
  • Chapter#1.7: How Did We Hunt Down 'Nick Szabo' To Be 'Nakamoto Satoshi'?
  • Chapter#1.8: Where Did 'Nick Szabo' Code Bitcoin Software?
  • Chapter#1.9: Unveiling The Bitcoin Team Led By Nick Szabo
  • Chapter #1.10: Banks Don't Hate Bitcoin Because They Funded It
  • Chapter #1.11: Bitcoin, RFID and The Cashless Society Agenda
  • Chapter #1.12: No Crypto Company Can Operate Without Complying with N.S.A



Bitcoin Is Scam & Fraud

This Research Is Not Against Blockchain Technology

Yes, I love blockchain technology as much as you do because its indeed one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs and a result of 20 years of research in distributed systems. Indeed credit goes to Bitcoin’s inventors who introduced this revolutionary new technology by practically implementing the first decentralized consensus mechanism based on Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm, which has solved the long stuck problem of double-spending. 

Thus making digital transactions and smart contracts a possibility without the need for an intermediary or central authority, to act as trust authority.

Blockchain technology will indeed give way to a wave of innovation in financial services, economics, distributed systems, voting systems, medical records, digital identity, corporate governance, and legal contracts provided that this technology is not misused.....

The idea of a decentralized shared ledger impressed me so much that I started learning its core basics (creating a simple blockchain in Node.js with PoW and mining rewards features) ever since I heard about blockchain after completing my graduation in Computer Information Systems Engineering in 2013.

CIS graduation ceremoney 2013

For die hard crypto-fans, Blockchain technology is one of the biggest Internet revolutions that is as big a technological breakthrough as was the steam engine for the industrial revolution in 18th century.

For me I would rather choose to be more realistic and say that blockchain technology is as important development to the Information Age as was the first web browser written by English scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, who also invented the World Wide Web in 1989.

World Wide Web is the primary reason why billions of people today can easily interact with each other on the Internet. In future, Blockchain technology will play a similar role to become the new gateway to a lot of creative innovations that are currently beyond human imagination.

With that said let me now explain why I created this in-depth research paper to prove Bitcoin as the mother of all scams and frauds in monetary history.

What I don't trust or can’t buy as a student of monetary history and programming, is the lack of transparency and the lies being told to the internet community by the Bitcoin creators and its sponsors.

A revolutionary blockchain technology that could be used for the welfare of mankind is instead used to achieve the vicious agenda of a cashless society, through the introduction of cryptographically generated worthless computer bits called cryptocurrency, where its users enroll voluntarily (signing up for Digital Identity via an Immutable Distributed Ledger) to act as test dummies

The primary aim of Bitcoin creators is to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data mining to study human reaction towards a cashless monetary system via a lawless / trustless (decentralized) Peer-to-Peer electronic cash system and Immutable (Un-editable) Blockchain technology on its initial testing phase.

  1. Executing the cashless agenda through imposing Centralized Fiat Cryptocurrencies issued by central banks for Absolute Financial Enslavement.
  2. Using Editable Blockchain technology along with Biometric technologies (with faster adoption of RFID chips from 2020 onwards) for creating Universal Digital Identity (UDI) to record general data of every living human being from birth to death for mass population surveillance and thus Absolute State Domination.

Fulfillment of both these goals means violation of two basic human rights i.e. Liberty and Privacy. Both these basic rights will be systematically snatched from everyone once this testing phase ends.

None of these goals will be implemented by force because the trick is to convince people that such technologies is in their own self-interest and may even deliver personal benefits. People will be brainwashed enough to demand it themselves.

The recent incident where the European Parliament approved the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in April 2016, is the first move towards programming people to demand the right to be forgotten and full ownership of their user data. That is one practical feature of an editable blockchain technology only.

It is the same trap where a rat is offered a piece of cheese, before it is hunt down.

What is so bad about a Cashless Society? Doesn’t it sound so cool?

Through introduction of puppet organizations like IMF and World bank via Bretton Woods System (1st Greatest Scam) in 1945, the global elites snatched the economic autonomy from third world countries (every developing and under-developed country). It was now possible to punish or bully any nation across the globe that may not bow down to their One World Order.

Governments who dare to oppose, are socially and economically boycotted internationally, through strict economic sanctions and are defamed via mainstream media. The citizens of such oppressed countries are forced towards poverty, unemployment and civil war.

Latest examples include Iran, North Korea, Syria and now Venezuela. Not so old examples include Iraq and Libya.

IMF’s vicious policies are scripted in Washington D.C. by the richest elites and they are simple to understand: “Comply or starve to death

Now how come is IMF or World Bank related to Cashless Agenda?

Through IMF, the globalists succeeded in controlling, tracking and dictating the financial affairs of puppet governments but what they could not control, dictate or track was the economic freedom and privacy of individual citizens.

In layman terms, they can economically boycott governments but they can’t boycott an individual from his access to food, health and education.

They know how much money do you have inside your bank account but they are ignorant of your savings at home or the pennies your kids have collected inside their money box.

With cash, they can’t trace your source but with no-cash (digital currency) they can trace every single penny that you own and where you spend them.

The central banks led by IMF want to trace and control every single penny that you own and this dream can only come true when the society is forced to become cashless.

banking the unbanked - cashless india

Following are the voodoo and hoodoo of a Cashless Society:

  1. In a cashless society, tangible cash will be replaced with intangible digital cash.
  2. Everyone’s wealth will be in the control of the banks, who will work as tax collectors for governments.
  3. You will no longer have the freedom to store your wealth outside the system.
  4. Governments can impose Negative Interest Rates (NIRP) on your money. Which means, government can confiscate your wealth from bank deposits whenever they want.
  5. You will be an easy victim for all bank bail-in scenarios. You will face all loses if your bank goes bankrupt.
  6. Governments can cause inflation or deflation more easily with the saver having no ability to even react. 
  7. Your money might be set to "expire" and be worthless if not spent in specific ways or by specific times.
  8. Government can block(boycott, off-chain) you out of the cashless system or confiscate all your wealth with a click of a button.
  9. Government will be able to watch and track all your savings, income information and transaction records through a centralized transaction log a.k.a blockchain.   
  10. Your wealth will be more vulnerable to fraud, scams and hacking that could destroy your life savings in seconds. Online data breaches is already expected to reach $2.1 trillion by 2019....
  11. Governments and corporations can use data mining to create consumer profiles based on their spending patterns. Thus your eating and spending habits will be 24/7 in strict surveillance. 
  12. The aged, poor or near poor population neither have the power nor knowledge to understand this high-tech cashless system. Their insecure wealth will become easy target for hackers and cyber criminals.
  13. People will become literally helpless with no control over the wealth that they once owned.

The elites will impose this cashless agenda upon every country by giving lame excuses of reducing money laundering, tax evasion, criminal transactions etc. (note that all darknet usage of cryptocurrencies is part of this plan so that it could be used as an excuse) but the sharp criminals will always find alternative ways to carry their business.

cashless society is more vulnerable to cyber crime

The wealth of those 5% criminals is of less concern to these elites (partners in crime) as compared to the hidden life savings and spending habits of those 95% hard working people across the globe. 

Governments and central banks have already started eliminating cash in dozens of countries. Visual Capitalist calls it as the Global War on Cash.

Australia, Singapore, Venezuela, the U.S., and the European Central Bank have all eliminated (or have proposed to eliminate) high denomination notes. Other countries like France, Sweden and Greece have targeted adding restrictions on the size of cash transactions, reducing the amount of ATMs in the countryside, or limiting the amount of cash that can be held outside of the banking system. Finally, some countries have taken things a full step further – South Korea aims to eliminate paper currency in its entirety by 2020.

But right now, the “War on Cash” can’t be mentioned without invoking images of day-long lineups in India. In November 2016, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonetized 500 and 1000 rupee notes, eliminating 86% of the country’s notes overnight.

While Indians could theoretically exchange 500 and 1,000 rupee notes for higher denominations, it was only up to a limit of 4,000 rupees per person. Sums above that had to be routed through a bank account in a country where only 50% of Indians have such access.

...there have now been 112 reported deaths associated with the Indian demonetization. Some people have committed suicide, but most deaths come from elderly people waiting in bank queues for hours or days to exchange money.

What started in USA and Europe has now entered Asia. The experiment has been forcibly deployed in India overnight and it will now move towards Bangladesh, Pakistan and middle east in no time.

Those 20%-40% discounts on your credits cards during Ramadan, Christmas or Diwali is your gradual mind programming by transforming your spending habits towards a cashless medium.

They have already tested several digital currency systems like Paypal, Square, Visa, and MasterCard but they will ultimately make centralized cryptocurrencies as the primary digital currency for all day-to-day payments once its testing phase ends.

Bitcoin which is their test-dummy, is probably made in-efficient intentionally with energy intensive mining algorithms such as Proof of Work (PoW) so that when the final version of the centralized cryptocurrency is introduced, the bitcoin problems of scalability and energy cost could be used as an excuse to propose a far better solution to existing problems faced by crypto community worldwide.

Cryptocurrencies that are based on public blockchain such as Bitcoin, that is believed to be a revolutionary digital currency created by an unknown(will be exposed shortly) Jesus-like Messiah (Satoshi Nakamoto) to fight central banks, is surely a nice fairy tale but it has more cruel long-term impact on an individual’s freedom and privacy than one can possibly imagine.  

I consider all fiat & unregulated digital currencies created using public blockchain technology as a corporate scam, fraud and a white lie, controlled by crypto(hidden) players and sponsored by secret agencies and corporations(will be exposed shortly).

Not just words! We have over 60,000 words of research to prove it..

Note that I have used the word “corporate scam” rather than simply using the word “a scam” because this research article does not aim to prove bitcoin as a “pump and dump” scheme but to prove bitcoin as a corporate scam having a magnitude far bigger than that of fiat paper currencies.

Cryptocurrencies rising support by the mainstream media match the exact same pattern when the first corporate scam (paper currency) was imposed upon us back in 1945 through the Bretton Woods System (giving birth to foreign exchange market rate system, bogus convertible currencies and ultimately World Bank and IMF) and our true wealth was corrupted due to the greed and ignorance of early adopters.

Paper dollar corrupted money and Bitcoin will make it worse.

This time the early adopters are crypto-enthusiasts driven by greed worldwide but the big players/inventors are the same who corrupted the monetary system by introducing cotton & linen i.e paper as money.  

Cryptocurrencies are a speculation and just electronic scripts that can never be money, based on the facts and figures that you will discover today.

The Tactic Of Deception

The second greatest economic crisis in the history of mankind after the Great Depression of 1930s is just a few years away or it can happen anywhere between 2020-2022. This is not what we believe but economic analysts and corporate investors worldwide. Coincidently or may be intentionally made symbolic, 2021 and 2022 are also the domain expiry dates of bitcoin.org and bitcoin.com respectively.

Throughout history the elites have deceived mankind through one simple tactic of deception i.e:

Problem (Created by them)Reaction (Given by us)Solution (Offered by them)

Wisdom says that if you want to fool the fool, tell him fairy tales and he will blindly follow it. But if you want to fool the wise, bring mathematics in your discussion.

Human mind by nature favors simple calculations but resist complexity. With math, you can do wonders and fool almost the entire world just like how the Elite powers have played our Governments till today with a bogus monetary system.

This time as they know the U.S dollar is going to collapse, they are preparing to roll down the curtains for a cashless society to achieve maximum population control through a new monetary tool.

Is is the future’s One-World-Currency, Bitcoin, Fedcoin or RScoin? A straight answer would simply mean throwing mud on walls with no logics. Read it to believe it, as we unfold the darkest secrets of mankind's lust for power.

Today there are more than 1,800 cryptocurrencies available over the internet as of 25 May 2018 and growing. The total market cap of all these cryptocurrencies now mount over $340 billion USD.

Anyone can create a new cryptocurrency in less than 2 hours, you just need to apply the “Greater Fool Theory in convincing people that these worthless computer bits are as precious as gold just like how its been done today through Initial Coin Offering (ICO) crowdfunding programs.

These new cryptocurrency startups introduced every month, match the exact same pattern of e-commerce startups during the dot-com bubble period. Some did survive but most of the companies ended up worthless.

Surprisingly about 50% of all ICOs sold in 2017, failed by Feb 2018. Details will be shared in Chapter#2.

Our focus would be mainly on proving Bitcoin is scam because currently its the first and most popular cryptocurrency with highest market capitalization of $128 billion dollars. Bitcoin is currently the largest blockchain network with a strong mainstream media coverage. Bitcoin has many serious red-flags as we will unfold, than just problems of scalability, regulation and security.

Two wrongs don't make a right. This article will prove:

  1. Paper Currencies and Banks are the First Corporate Scam.
         1% owns 50% of all Word Wealth - Source
  2. Crypto Currencies and Exchanges are the Second Corporate Scam.
          1% owns 90% of all Bitcoin Wealth - Source: Chapter#2

Same script, same audience and same players. The humanity is led to financial enslavement once again through the art of deception and human greed.

Before proving bitcoin is scam, let us first discuss the interesting history of "Gold" which is loved by the poor but hated by the Elite.



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Experience Lab - Online business creation and development guide for bloggers and startups: Bitcoin Is The Second Greatest Scam In The History Of Mankind – CHAPTER[1]
Bitcoin Is The Second Greatest Scam In The History Of Mankind – CHAPTER[1]
Experience Lab - Online business creation and development guide for bloggers and startups
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